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Eurythmics - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Eurythmics - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Eurythmics - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Eurythmics is a renowned British synth-pop duo. The band was founded by composer Dave Stewart and singer Annie Lenox.

Dave Stewart, at the age of 15, lit his star in the rock sky, being the guitarist of the folk-rock band Amazing Blondel. But a real and serious musical career for Dave began with the duo Harrison and Stewart. The mid-1970s were a difficult time for Dave, the musician faced the problem of drug addiction. But everything changes when he meets a young student of the Royal Academy of Music (London), Annie Lenox, in a London restaurant. The couple began their collaboration with the pop group The Tourists (originally The Catch). Dave's friend, Peter Coombs, also stood at the base of the band. Annie Lennox was so carried away by participation in the group, as well as romance with Dave, that she dropped out of the academy. The Tourists' period is a time of creativity and love for Dave and Annie. The musicians managed to release two albums, but problems within the group and the lack of development in the musical niche caused the group to break up.

Although Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart were no longer romantically involved, they decided to keep the creative collaboration. And so the duo Eurythmics was born. The duo was open to experimentation and from the very beginning of their existence aimed at high achievements. Although only two musicians were permanent members of the band, for the release of their debut album In the Garden, the duo attracted renowned producer Connie Planck and experienced musicians - Yaki Liebezite, Clem Burke, Tim Whiter and others. But the new synth-pop album was received rather coolly by the listeners. However, this only motivated Annie and Dave to develop even more actively. They founded their own studio based on the factory, which created frames for photographs, continued to experiment and actively tour. The schedule was exhausting and disease-provoking for the musicians.
The success of Eurythmics brought the second album and the single Sweet Dreams, which instantly spread throughout the world music waves, gathering an ever-increasing army of the band's fans. Popularity came, the first places in the world charts, it was then that Eurythmics photo graced the cover of Rolling Stone in the form of Annie Lenox with fiery hair.

Eurythmics lasted eight years, releasing almost ten albums, each of which contains different sounding songs that are close to several generations of listeners. Although the group ceased to exist in 1989, Annie and Dave released their anniversary album Ultimate Collection in 2005, which included two debut compositions. Listen online to Eurythmics on our website right now.

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