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Lois Smith - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Lois Smith - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Lois Smith - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, music videos.

American theater and film actress Lois Smith was born on November 3, 1930 in Kansas. Immediately after studying at the University of Washington, Lois moved to New York in order to fully study acting. She honed her skills in the rather famous Actors' Studio of Lee Strassberg, after graduating from which she actively took part in the filming of television shows and small series.

For the first time films with the participation of Lois Smith appeared in the late 40s. Undoubtedly, we are talking about such paintings as City Post, First Studio, Letter to Loretta, Love of Life, Steel Hour of the United States. Smith received small cameo roles in these television series, but these steps were an excellent start for her rapidly developing career. Already in 1955, the film East of Paradise, directed by Elia Kazan, was released, where Lois plays one of the key roles. This film became the true property of Hollywood cinema, and the young and infinitely beautiful Lois Smith became its main decoration.

Since then, the actress has appeared in more than 100 dramatic and comedy feature films, as well as television series. Films online with Lois Smith are available in a wide variety of genres: the melodramatic series Desperate Housewives, and the television thriller Detective Rush, and the dramatic serial Grey's Anatomy, and many others. In each of these paintings, Lois plays amazingly her roles - she manages to achieve the effect when the viewer desperately empathizes with her heroines, sharing their joys, doubts and misfortunes.

For her superb role as Partita in Five Easy Pieces directed by Bob Raifelson, Lois Smith received an Honorary Award from the National Society of Film Critics - she was recognized as the best supporting actress. Also notable is the role of Lois Smith in Joan Evnet's reckless comedy Roasted Green Tomatoes.

Lois Smith is no less famous on the theater stage - she has repeatedly gathered full houses on Broadway. Lois Smith was awarded the Drama Desk Prize for her unrivaled display of skill during the play A Trip to Bountyful, which recounts the incredible willpower of an elderly woman who ventured to go where she was happy. Lois Smith has gray eyes, naturally blond hair, fair skin and medium lips. The shape of the face is oval, the forehead is high, the hair is straight, gray. Lois Smith does not change her hair color, preferring natural. The actress has a medium straight nose and a rounded chin. Height 167 cm, no tattoos.

Zodiac sign - Scorpio (03.11.1930)

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