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Ted Nugent - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Ted Nugent - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Ted Nugent - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, music videos.
Born December 13, 1948, Detroit, Michigan, USA - American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer.
Fascinated by rock and roll, from the age of seven, Ted began to play the guitar. From 1960 he performed with the amateur bands The Royal High Boys and The Lourdes until his family moved to Chicago in 1964. There, in 1966, Nugent formed The Amboy Dukes, which, starting as a typical garage rock band, eventually grew into an important local hard rock band. In 1967-1973, the band with various lineups recorded four albums, after which they changed their name to Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes. With this name the band signed a contract with "Discreet", owned by Frank Zappa, where they recorded two more albums: "Call Of The Wild" and "Tooth, Fang & Claw", which, however, did not enjoy much success. In 1975 the guitarist disbanded the band and, after signing a contract with Epic, began a solo career. With the help of Derek St. Holmes on guitar, Rob Grange on bass Cliff Davies on drums, Nugent recorded the 1976 LP Ted Nugent, which hit the American Top 30 and quickly became " gold "plate. The next album "Free For All", in which Meat Loaf took part, again offered energetic rock, known from the musician's previous works. The LP was bought by over a million people and became the first platinum disc in Nugent's career. A similar thing happened with the 1977 album Cat Scratch Fever, and the title ballad from it became the artist's best hit single. However, first of all, Nugent surprised everyone with his concert performances. On stage, he created the image of a "savage". The artist appeared on stage in a loincloth, waving a bow and arrow, with which, he claimed, got food for the family. The aggressiveness of Nugent's performances was well conveyed by the 1978 double live album "Dooble Live Gonzo", which included the musician's most characteristic works. Recorded and released at the end of the same year, the fourth but final platinum LP, Weekend Warriors, St. Holmes and grunge were changed by Charlie Huhn on guitar and John Sauter on bass. This line-up recorded the album "State Of Shock", which barely reached "gold" status, but it sold better in Europe. A similar thing happened with the 1980 album "Scream Dream" .
In 1981, Nugent embarked on a world tour with new musicians: Mike Gardner - bass; Mark Gerhardt - drums; Kurt - guitar; Rick - guitar and Verne Wagoner guitar for DCHawks.
The following year, Nugent signed a new contract, this time with Atlantic Records, and again changed the backing band, which included Derek St. Holmes, as well as Dave Kiswiney - drums and ex-Vanilla Fudge and The Cactus - Carmine Appis - drums. However, further in his work Nugent did not want, or could not change the formula that served him well in the 1970s. In the next three solo records, a little new was introduced, and the artist himself remained popular mainly due to his television appearances and various celebrations. In 1989, Nugent teamed up with former Styx vocalist and guitarist Tommy Shaw, ex-Night Ranger Jack Blades on bass and Michael Cartellone on drums to form the Damn Yankees supergroup, great commercial success. In 1991 the guitarist and his wife created the Ted Nugent World Bowhunters Magazine, as well as a shop for anglers and hunters. In addition, Nugent wrote the book "Blood Trails", in which he sharply argued with activists and organizations that stood for the protection of animals. In 1995, the artist returned to the music market with the album Spirit Of The Wild. On April 21, 2010, Nugent announced a new "Trample the weak, hurdle the dead" tour.

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