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Isabel Allende - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Isabel Allende - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Isabel Allende - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, Writer, Actress.

Born August 2, 1942, Lima, Peru - Chilean writer and journalist.

Her father, Tomas Allende (cousin of Salvador Allende, who became President of Chile in 1970 and was killed in the military coup led by Augusto Pinochet), worked in the Chilean diplomatic service. Isabel's mother, Francis Yona ("dona Panchita"), after the breakup of the family in 1945, returns to Chile with three children, where she begins a new life in her father's old house in Santiago.

In the 1950s, the family travels to Bolivia and Beirut. While away from Chile, Isabel continued her education in private schools: in Bolivia - North American, in Beirut - English, and returning in 1958, completed it in her native country. Around the same time, she met her future husband, then still an engineering student, Miguel Frias. The wedding took place a few years later, in 1962

From 1959 to 1965, Isabel made a successful career as a television journalist in the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's news service. On television, she hosts a weekly program on the United Nations anti-hunger program. In 1963 Paula is born - the one to whom later, after her death, Isabel will devote a whole book. The family travels across Europe, with long stops in Brussels and Switzerland during 1964-1965, and then returns to Chile, where Isabel and Miguel's second son, Nicholas, is born. Upon his return, Isabel takes up active journalistic work: he collaborates with the magazine "Paula", where he is a director, and writes a humorous column there.

Since the early 1970s. her writing activities are expanding: she writes for the children's magazine Mampato, publishes two children's stories, La abuela Panchita and Lauchas y lauchones, as well as a collection of articles Civilize the Caveman man ”(Civilice a su troglodita). In 1973, Isabel Allende's play The Ambassador (El Embajador) was performed in Santiago de Chile. And soon after such a professional success, the aspiring writer was forced to leave the country: on September 11, a coup d'etat took place in Chile, led by General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte. Salvador Allende dies. The Allende family has spent 13 years in exile in Venezuela. However, here Isabel does not stop cooperating with various publications, including the newspaper "El Nacional", and also begins to run a high school. Here, in Caracas, she publishes her first, and perhaps the most famous book, The House of Spirits (1982), which began with a letter from Isabel to her grandfather who was dying. Back in 1978, Isabel Allende broke up with Miguel Frias for the first time. Then Isabel left for Madrid for several months.

In 1987, the couple divorced and literally in the same year she met Willie Gordon in San Jose (California), who became her husband a year later. The new family settles in San Rafael (California), where they live today. In 1984, a short humorous story "The Fatty Porcelain" (La gorda de porcelana), written back in 1974, was published. Also at the same time, the novel "Love and Darkness" (De amor y de sombra) was published. In 1987, Eva Luna was published in Spanish. This story was continued in Cuentos de Eva Luna, published two years later. In 1991, while Isabel Allende presented her new book, El plan infinito, her daughter Paula suffered a porphyria attack, after which she was in a coma for a year. December 6, 1992 Paula dies. In 1994, perhaps the most autobiographical book, Paula, was published in several languages ??at once.

Isabel Allende, one of the most famous Latin American women writers. Literary critics perceive her as a superstar of Latin American magical realism, and the total circulation of her books has already exceeded forty million copies, her novels have been translated into three dozen languages. In 2004 she was admitted to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. One of the most famous women in Latin America, she communicates on equal terms with presidents and members of royal houses, with the Dalai Lama, superstars and Nobel laureates.

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