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Duo Alibi - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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duo & quot; Alibi & quot; - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

duet "Alibi" - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

April 6, 2001 is considered the day of the creation of the popular Ukrainian duo Alibi. On this day, a joint single of the sisters Alina and Anna Zavalsky was released under the name Alibi, which gave the name to the group. In the Zavalsky family, all the names begin with the letter "A", so the name of the band was born by itself "a" -Anna, "li" -Lina, "bi" -two. Alexander Zavalsky became the producer of the new project. In 1998-2000, the future duo Alibi is part of the Cappuccino group as soloists. It was a test of the scene in a format aimed at teenagers, but the girls outgrew this project, and relations with the leadership of the collective did not work out. Here the decision came to work independently.

The first album Two Tears of the duet Alibi together with D. Klimashenko was released in 2002 and immediately gained popularity among fans of new non-formatted music. The vocalists were able to form their own style of performance and immediately became noticeable in the monotonous show business. They perform in jazz, pop, soul and even R'n'B styles. At the same time, the performers entered the Faculty of Variety and Directing at the Academy of Leading Cadres of Culture and Arts and graduated brilliantly in 2005. A year after the debut joint album, and the first solo album - Yes or No - was not long in coming. It contains compositions that maximally show the musical orientation of the duo. In July 2004, the girls take part in the International Golden Deer Music Festival in Romania and receive an award in the category of Music Critics' Choice. In the same year, they present their work From a Blank Slate with the popular composition Taboo, and 2006 pleases the band's fans with a new album Reflection of the Soul, which includes the business card of the Steps on the Edge sisters, which has become Golden.

2007 also became fruitful, the result was the brainchild of Rain Melody. The duet's album Without further ado, became a pleasant continuation of the creativity of extraordinary performers in 2010. The videography of the creative team includes 14 video clips for the most famous works, and in each case the girls brilliantly coped with the task of the famous music video makers. The roles of the duo Alibi in the videos as sexual seductresses have always evoked only positive criticism from the audience, as they managed to convey the sensuality of their songs without going over the edge of vulgarity.

How many years the Alibi duet has not been delighting its fans with new products, and their songs are still popular and occupy a certain niche in the world of music.

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