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Una OConnor - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Una O ' Connor - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Oona O'Connor - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Belfast-born Oona O'Connor became one of the most prominent Irish actresses of the 1930-1950s. Real name Agnes Teresa McGlade. She was born to a committed Catholic family on October 23, 1880. She received her special acting education at the St. Vincent National School. The actress took her fictitious name with the beginning of her activities at the Abbey Theater.

She spent many years in theaters in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and worked in Ireland and England. The first roles of Oona O'Connor in films took place in the early thirties. The debut came true in Alfred Hitchcock's detective story Murder !. However, not in this picture was her first prominent role in American cinema. Three years later, she played one of the key characters in the drama directed by Frank Lloyd Cavalcade. The picture was marked by several nominations for the Oscar, and the Irish woman herself decided to continue to conquer Hollywood. A flamboyant actress, with an extraordinary appearance and a characteristic hilarious goal, films with the participation of Oona O'Connor entitled The Invisible Man and Bride of Frankenstein became some of the most famous films of that time. Notable roles for the actress were also in the dramas David Copperfield and The Informant, starring in the motion picture The Adventures of Robin Hood in 1938. In total, more than 50 roles are listed in her personal filmography. In addition to working in films, the actress often embodied images in the most diverse theatrical performances and productions. In 1957, starring in the film Witness for the Prosecution, she decides to end her career, due to her already quite old age.

In New York City on February 4, 1959, the actress died of heart disease. During her long life, Una O'Connor was unable to get married and have a child. She was buried in the Golgotha ??cemetery.

Una O'Connor has brown eyes, naturally blond hair, fair skin and thin lips. The shape of the face is round, the forehead is low, the hair is curly, soft. Una O'Connor did not change her hair color, preferring natural. The actress has a medium hump nose and a rounded chin. The growth of the actress is 157 cm, no tattoos.

Zodiac sign - Libra (10/23/1880)

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