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Leonid Zavalnyuk - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Leonid Zavalnyuk - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Leonid Zavalnyuk - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, screenwriter.
October 20, 1931, Uman, Kiev region, Ukrainian SSR, USSR - December 7, 2010, Moscow, Russian Federation - Soviet Russian poet, writer and screenwriter.
Leonid Zavalnyuk's father, Andrei Dorofeevich, served in the police, in the criminal investigation department. Mom, Elizaveta Andreevna, was the director of a catering establishment. The future poet spent his childhood in a small Ukrainian town, Smila. There he graduated from the first two classes of the school. In the spring of 1941, Elizaveta Andreevna died. In the summer of the same year, Leonid's father married a second time (to Elena Klimovna Fedchenko). In the winter of 1943, after the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis, he returned to his stepmother's native village. Returning from the war, the father broke up with his second wife and took his son to the Vinnitsa region, to his native village of Mervin. It was then that Leonid Zavalnyuk wrote his first poem. In 1944, Leonid went to Donbass, to the city of Nikitovka, where he entered a factory school. Two months later, he received the third category of a turner and went to the mine to work as a hauler. Soon he went to his mother's relatives in Rubtsovsk, and began to work at the Altai Tractor Plant. A significant event for the future poet took place there, his poem was first published in the factory newspaper. During this time, he graduated from the 7th grade, a vocational school, and received the specialty of a milling machine. From the school he was sent to study in a group of turners at the Industrial College of Labor Reserves. There, at the club, a literary association worked, to which the aspiring poet joined. In 1951, Leonid was drafted into the army and sent to the Far East, to an artillery unit. Here began the fate of Zavalnyuk - a poet.
Graduated from the Gorky Literary Institute (1959) and L.I. Oshanin's seminar (1960) .
The first collection of poems "On the Road" was published in 1953 by the Amur Book Publishing House. It also published books of poetry "Beyond the receding horizon", "On the road of time", "Dream of me, cities", "My registration", "Lyrics", the story "At the station", "Lyric story". In 1964 in Khabarovsk the book "The Diary of Rodka - a Difficult Person" was published, in 1987 - the book of poems "The Long Road". Zavalnyuk's books were published in many central publishers.
Author of poems to more than fifty popular songs by composers Yu. Saulsky, P. Aedonitsky, L. Lyadova, B. Emelyanov, A. Zatsepin, I. Kataev, R. Mayorova, E. Ptichkina, D. Tukhmanov, M. Tabachnikova, L. Garin, A. Chernyshov and others. For a number of songs co-written with Yu. Saulsky, he was repeatedly awarded the title of laureate of the television festival "Song of the Year" (1979: "Spring does not leave us" - performed by Joseph Kobzon; 1980: "Expectation" - performed by Sofia Rotaru; 1981: "Autumn melody" ("High melancholy is ringing ..."), 1982: "Resentment" - performed by Tatyana Ruzavina and Sergey Tayushev; 1983: "Happiness to you, Earth!" - performed by Sofia Rotaru; 1986: " I'm sorry ”- performed by Valery Leontiev). In the TV show directed by Vladimir Andreev "The Tale of Young Spouses" (1982), based on the play of the same name by E. Schwartz, several songs sounded to the music of Yu. Saulsky and to the verses of L. Zavalnyuk ("Lost Dog", "Two White Snows", "The record sings in my soul ..."). Gruvemuvestart He wrote scripts for cartoons and feature films. In animation he collaborated with directors L. I. Milchin, Yu. A. Prytkov and others. In 1966, based on the story of L. Zavalnyuk, "The Diary of Rodka Muromtsev - a Difficult Man", the movie "The Man I Love" was shot with Georgy Zhzhonov in the title role. All his life he was fond of painting. His paintings are in private collections in Russia, England, Italy, Finland, USA.

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