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Vadim Galygin - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Vadim Galygin - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Vadim Galygin - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Vadim Galygin was born on May 8, 1976 in the city of Borisov (Belarus). As a child, he was an ordinary boy, like all his peers. True, from an early age he already went to the actors. He played in all kinds of school productions and matinees. But, despite the talent for creativity making its way from within, Vadim in his youth chooses a different path. After leaving school, he enters the Higher Military Command School in Minsk, where he will study until 1997. He will devote several long years to study and service. Will repay the debt to the motherland in the army, will rise to the rank of senior lieutenant and after a business trip to Minsk will go to the reserve. But he will decide to stay in the army for another year and at the same time work for Alfa Radio in Minsk.

But internal urges are not silent. Vadim is drawn to the stage. In his student years, he first began to play KVN. At that time, the team was called the Ministry of Politics, and it was in its composition that Vadim would appear before the viewer as a rising humorous star. As part of the Ministry of Politics, Vadim Galygin repeatedly participates in the Slavianski Bazaar in Ryazan, and not in vain, because the judges several times recognize the team as the best and award the Grand Prix. After some time, the team will change many names, but it is under the call sign Minsk-Brest that it will first appear at the Sochi KVN festival in 2001. The guys will win the Minsk Euroleague championship. Then he made his first film debut. Will play a role in the series Pisaki, Olga Perunovskaya.

From this day on, the career will skyrocket. The necessary connections, acquaintances, friends from the television environment appear. At that moment, Galygin falls into another KVN team of the BSU. It is in its composition that he will gain popularity and his own circle of fans.

At that time, many KVN talents will "figure out" the secret of success. After the KVN games, they do not stop there and will continue their careers on television. In the early 2000s, the first issues of the scandalous Comedy Club, created by Maslyakov's former wards, appeared on the screens. And while the audience has not yet had time to understand what's what, residents quickly write, come up with and stage new numbers. The viewer needs to laugh. This is the whole point. In 2005, Vadim Galygin will join the guys and replenish their stock of witty performances with numbers of his own composition. Undoubtedly, Galygin will give 100% in Comedy. Gruvemuveend
But at the moment when Vadik feels that he has exhausted himself in the red studio of the show, he, to the surprise of many, leaves the project. The viewer is shocked. He managed to fall in love with Galygin and does not understand why the actor abandoned such a successful business. However, the answer was not long in coming. A few months later, Vadik creates his own television project "Very Russian TV", and also appears in various commercials. And in 2006 he will not only play in Very Russian cinema, but also try himself as a screenwriter.

In 2008, simultaneously with the work on the voice acting of Western films and animation, Galygin was invited to the main role in the musical The Phantom of the Soap Opera. 2009 will bring the artist to Ukraine, where he will soon appear on the air of the ICTV channel. Here he will act as the host of one of the entertainment programs. In 2010, a series with his direct participation ? Galygin was released on STS. RU. The impression was that Vadim was everywhere! How he managed everything is unknown.

In 2011, Galygin still has little work. He returns to the Comedy Club while continuing to work on previous projects. In 2014, films with the participation of Vadim Galygin are released - Zaletchiki, where he played the director, and The Secret of the Four Princesses, where he played the role of an adviser.

Personal life, sadly, did not work out well the first time. Although the first wife left her home and drove off after her beloved to Moscow, their paths still parted. Some sources claim that Vadim was seen cheating. Others say that the wife herself left her husband for the sake of an unknown Odessa resident. However, the marriage fell apart. The second wife was the Belarusian singer Olga Vainilovich, with whom they got married in 2010. The wedding took place in an elite Minsk club. Rumor has it that the celebration lasted for three days.

Now Vadim Galygin is 38 years old, and we can say with confidence that if he does not slow down the pace of work, then we will definitely see more than one masterpiece from him.

Vadim Galygin has gray eyes, naturally dark hair color, fair skin and thin lips. The shape of the face is round, the hair is curly, soft. Vadim Galygin does not change his hair color, giving preference to natural. The actor has a large humped nose and a pointed chin. The actor's height is 185 cm, no tattoos.

Zodiac Sign - Taurus (05/08/1976)

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