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Nikolai Simonov - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Nikolai Simonov - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Nikolay Simonov - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Nikolai Simonov, a three-time Stalin Prize laureate, is from Samara. From childhood he was fond of creativity and after graduating from the gymnasium he entered the art school, and later the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. But still he preferred the theater, for which he went to study at the Institute of Performing Arts. The most interesting thing is that at one time he managed to combine studies at two universities, but soon he decided to leave the brush with paints.

After serving in the Red Army, Nicholas was invited to one of the oldest theaters in Russia - Alexandrinsky (aka the Pushkin Theater). In this theater, he served his entire creative career, performing in it both as an actor and as a director. There was, however, a three-year break, when Simonov directed the Regional Theater in his native Samara. The actor devoted a lot of time to the theater, but cinema brought him fame.

He started acting while still a student. The first films with the participation of Nikolai Simonov were silent and practically did not survive. The first significant work "in sound" was the film Chapaev, where Nikolai got the role of brigade commander Zhikharev. And four years later, the epic Peter the Great with Simonov in the title role came out on the screens of a large country. With the creation of the image of the first Russian emperor, he coped with brilliance, for which he received the award of the "leader of all peoples", and the first degree (there were also the second and third). And quite deservedly, since the image of the tsar had to be embodied without a hint of parody, and at the same time ideologically sustained. It is worth recalling that the shooting of the film fell on the notorious 1937. Here are just the career of an actor, this role almost broke. No, no one thought to repress him, just the directors did not see him in roles of this level, like Peter.

This "downtime" lasted almost eleven years. Of course, Simonov did not remain idle, and during the war and the first post-war years he worked a lot, but during this time he did not create large roles. The "rebirth" of the actor took place after the release of the film The Battle of Stalingrad, where he played General Chuikov. And again the first Stalin Prize and the title of People's Artist. Triumphant return, you will not say anything. After that, he starred a lot and often, playing already age roles. Such films as Heroes of Shipka, Gadfly, Amphibian Man will surely be remembered by viewers of the older generation. The last film with the participation of Nikolai Simonov was released in 1971. It was an action-packed detective. The last case of Commissioner Berlach. It is curious that Simonov played a terminally ill police officer, disguised as a patient entering the strange clinic of a former Nazi experimental physician. The case is solved, but the hero dies. Soon the actor himself suffered the same fate. Health began to deteriorate, and on April 20, 1973, Nikolai Simonov passed away.

Nikolai Simonov has green eyes, naturally dark hair color, fair skin and thin lips. The shape of the face is oval, the forehead is high, the hair is curly, thick. Nikolai Simonov did not change his hair color, preferring natural. The actor has a large, straight nose and a rounded chin. The actor's height is 182cm, no tattoos.

Zodiac sign - Sagittarius (04.12. 1901)

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