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Shaggy - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Shaggy - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Shaggy - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Circumstances so developed that in the 90s of the last century for such a musical genre as reggae, there was no worthy place of honor, and Jamaican music, original and unique, was left behind. The brand's honor was in jeopardy: young people were interested in completely different trends, and the older generation, who once danced to Dylan and Marley, did not want to accept new faces. That's where Shaggy came in ...

Originally Orville Richard Burrell came, of course, from Jamaica and got his strange nickname (Shaggy in translation means Shaggy) from the famous hero of the animated film Scooby Doo - an overgrown hippie with an irrepressible appetite. At the age of eighteen, the guy, along with his mother, moves to bustling New York, where he is surprised to find a rather powerful reggae movement. Having acquired the necessary acquaintances, Orville recorded his first composition Man A Mi Yard. His voice, a little drawn out, with a charming hoarseness, pleased both listeners and producers, and therefore, over the next few years, Shaggy slowly plunges into the world of American show business.

However, music did not bring a decent income to a novice performer, and therefore, in search of earnings, the guy goes to serve in the US Navy. 4 years spent in the navy left a deep imprint on his personality, because, in addition to strict discipline and a tough schedule, Shaggy had to go through a real war, becoming a member of the famous Operation Desert Storm.

Upon returning home, he again turns to the sheet music: now all Americans could watch Shaggy, whose musical career has gone up rapidly. The singer records new albums, collaborates with famous musicians, and in 1995 released a song that became Shaggy's real calling card - the song Boombastic, which at the same time became an advertising chip for Levi's and a soundtrack to the comedy film Mr. Bean on Vacation.

Discussing films with Shaggy, it can be noted that the singer often appears on the big screen: having featured in nearly fifty productions, he mostly plays himself.

Shaggy has brown eyes, naturally dark hair, dark skin and full lips. The shape of the face is rectangular, the forehead is high, the hair is curly and thick. Shaggy does not change hair color, preferring natural. The singer has a large, wide nose and a rounded chin. Shaggy lets go of his mustache and beard. The singer's height is 180 cm, no tattoos.

Zodiac sign - Libra (10/22/1968)

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