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Vasili Shukshin - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Vasili Shukshin - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Vasily Shukshin - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.
Vasily Makarovich Shukshin was born on July 25, 1929 in a peasant family. His father, Makar Leontyevich Shukshin (1912-1933) was arrested and executed in 1933, during collectivization. Mother, Maria Sergeevna (nee Popova) (1909 - January 17, 1979) took care of the family. In the second marriage - Kuksina. Despite all the difficulties, she lived to a ripe old age. Sister - Natalia Makarovna Shukshina (November 16, 1931 - July 10, 2005).
In 1943 Shukshin finished 7 classes of school in the village of Srostki and entered the Biysk Automobile Technical School. She studies there for two and a half years, but does not finish the technical school. Instead, in 1945 he went to work on a collective farm in the village of Srostki. But he also did not work on the collective farm for long: in 1946 Shukshin left his native village. In 1947-1949 Shukshin worked as a mechanic at several enterprises of the Soyuzprommekhanizatsia trust: at the turbine plant in Kaluga, at the tractor plant in Vladimir.
In 1949, Shukshin was called up to serve in the Navy. First he is a sailor in the Baltic Fleet, then a radio operator in the Black Sea. In 1953, he was demobilized from the fleet due to a stomach ulcer, and he returned to the village of Srostki.
In his native village, Vasily Makarovich takes an external exam for a certificate of maturity at Srostkinskaya secondary school number 32. Goes to work as a teacher of Russian language and literature at the Srostkinskaya school of rural youth. For some time he was the director of this school.
In 1954, Shukshin entered the directing department of VGIK, graduated in 1960 (Romm's workshop).
In 1956, Shukshin made his film debut: in S. Gerasimov's film “Quiet Don” (second series), he played in a tiny episode - he portrayed a sailor peeping out from behind a wattle fence. With this sailor, the cinematic fate of Shukshin the actor began.
While studying at VGIK in 1958, Shukshin starred in his first leading role in the film by M. Khutsiev "Two Fedora" and published his first story "Two on a cart" in the magazine "Change". In his thesis "From Lebyazhye They Report", Shukshin acted as a screenwriter, director and performer of the main role.
Shukshin's first book, Rural Residents, was published in 1963 by the Molodaya Gvardiya publishing house. In the same year, he began working as a director at the Gorky Film Studio. Films the film "Such a guy lives" according to his script. The film was released in 1964 and immediately attracted the attention of viewers and critics.
In 1965, Shukshin began writing a screenplay about the uprising led by Stepan Razin, but did not receive the approval of the USSR State Committee for Committee on Film. Subsequently, the script was reworked into the novel I Have Come to Give You Free.
In 1969 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR for his services in the field of Soviet cinematography.
For many years, Vasily Makarovich combined work on films with writing. He wrote by hand in a thick notebook and usually at night.
In 1973-1974 years became very fruitful for Shukshin. His film Kalina Krasnaya was released, which received the first prize of the All-Union Film Festival. A new collection of short stories "Characters" has been published. On the stage of the Bolshoi Drama Theater, the production of the play "Energetic People" was prepared by director Tovstonogov. In 1974 Shukshin accepted an invitation to star in a new film by Sergei Bondarchuk. But Vasily Shukshin had long been tormented by bouts of stomach ulcers, which haunted him from his youth and were aggravated by his addiction to alcohol.
On October 2, 1974, Vasily Makarovich Shukshin died suddenly during the filming of the film "They Fought for the Motherland" on the motor ship "Danube". His close friend Georgy Burkov was the first to be discovered.
He was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery. The street and the Drama Theater in Barnaul are named after Shukshin. And since 1976, in his homeland in the village of Srostki, Shushkin readings have been held.

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