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Radomir Vasilevsky - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Radomir Vasilevsky - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Radomir Vasilevsky - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.
September 27, 1930 - February 10, 1998.
In 1954 he graduated from the camera department of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, the workshop of Professor V.I. Volchek. His thesis - short films "The Story of a Children's Toy" and "Ilmensky Reserve" were released on the screen, and "Ilmensky Reserve" was awarded a prize at the International Festival of Student Works. Immediately after the institute, Vasilevsky R.B. was invited to the "Moldovafilm" studio, where he shot the first Moldovan feature film "Moldavian tunes" (directed by A. Zolotnitsky). Since 1955 Vasilevsky R.B. worked as a cinematographer at the Odessa Film Studio. In 1964, Vasilevsky R.B. debuted as a production director. Vasilevsky R.B. moved to directing for the sake of children's cinema and for more than a quarter of a century has been making films about children and for children. In fact, all these years he worked with the excellent Leningrad writer Radiy Pogodin, Laureate of the State Prize of Russia and the International Prize G.-Kh. Andersen. Almost all of their joint works were marked with prizes and awards at republican, All-Union and International film festivals ("Step off the roof" - at the IFF in Italy, and "What Senka had" - at the IFF in West Berlin - UNISEF prize) for acting work 5- , 7-, 9-year-old actors, for directing, for fine art, for combined shooting, for music ... Here is what the critic N. Grashin wrote in his correspondence from Rome: "A great success was the film of the Soviet director Radomir Vasilevsky" Step from the Roof ", which solves the problem of educating the heroic in a person. The demonstration of the film was interrupted by applause several times, and the main performer, 9-year-old Mitya Nikolaev, was awarded. The first prize for the best male role .. . " And here are the press reviews of the film "4: 0 in favor of Tanechka": “One of the leaders of thousands of children’s discussion this year was the film of the Odessa Film Studio“ 4: 0 in favor of Tanechka. ”The children remembered the picture, and not only remembered it, but singled it out from the repertoire stream ... Audience responses indicate that the film has fallen into a certain epicenter of children deficits ... In the simple construction of the film and in its entire atmosphere there are downright generous slices of that "daily bread" that our guys expect from the screen ... In the Odessa film, the authors guessed another huge problem of a kind - "the homelessness of today's children "... In recent years, several teenage shocks have been known from communication with the teacher - the hero of the screen. This is a meeting with the Teacher-father Pasha Antonov performed by V. Priemykhov in the film" Boys "by D. Asanova, and here is communication with our Tanya-mother in performed by N.Florenskaya in the film by M. Dymov and R. Vasilevsky ". All films by R.B. Vasilevsky is characterized by kindness, lyricism, truthfulness, gentle humor, love and respect for children, cheerfulness and life affirmation. Paintings by R.B. Vasilevsky do not look like one another. He is an artist, up to pedantry picky about himself and others. He constantly experiments, searches, eagerly and willingly learns. Therefore, children love and willingly, many times, watch his paintings. Adults too. Lyubov R.B. Vasilevsky to children's cinema - shared love.
Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1973).

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