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Chris Buck - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Chris Buck - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Chris Buck - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, Director, Writer, Actor.

Born October 25, 1960, Wichita, Kansas, USA - American animator, director and screenwriter.

Since childhood, he was carried away by animation, and the main inspirer was the Disney cartoon "Pinocchio", which Chris saw as a little boy in the cinema. Since then, the dream of becoming an animator has settled in Buck's heart. The first steps for its implementation were made at CalArts, where Chris learned to draw animated characters for 2 years, later he studied at the institution for 5 years (from 1988 to 1993). There he met animators John Lasseter and Michael Giaimo, with whom he later actively collaborated on the animated film Frozen.

Chris began his creative career as an animator. In 1989, he helped create the main characters for The Little Mermaid, Rescuers in Australia and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In addition, he also worked on the full-length Disney cartoon The Fox and the Dog.

Buck collaborated with Hyperion Pictures for some time, and here in 1992 he worked on the animated comedy film Bebe's Kids. He also did the storyboard for Tim Barton's short film Frankenweenie, and after a while again collaborated with the director on an episode of the animated television series The Pet Dog (1993).

In 1995, Buck wrote the cartoon "Pacahontas" by Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg. He also designed three central characters: Willow's grandmothers, Percy and Wiggins. After 4 years, adults and children were able to appreciate the new cartoon about Tarzan, which Chris shot together with Kevin Lima.

In addition to working in the film world, Chris is involved in commercial work, development and creation of animated commercials. He has a hand in creating advertisements for Los Angeles-based companies Duck Soup, FilmFair and Kurtz & Friends.

In June 2007, he completed work on the comedy Catch the Wave at Sony Pictures Animation, where he co-directed with Ash Brannon. In addition, Buck voiced one of the heroes of the tape, and also involved his son Reed Buck in this, who "gave the voice" to the hero of the penguin Arnold.

The next year (2008) Chris was invited back to Disney by his old animator friend and by then Creative Director John Lasseter. Immediately after his return, Lasseter proposed the idea of ??a new cartoon, it was supposed to be another version of the fairy tale about the Snow Queen. The cartoon was created for several years, in 2010 the project was temporarily suspended, and a year later the work began to boil again. In winter 2011, the name "Frozen" was officially approved, and two years later, in November 2013, viewers were able to contemplate the new brainchild of Buck on wide screens. In addition, it was Buck who persuaded another comrade-in-arms to return to the studio - Michael Giaimo, who acted as the art director of this picture and won the Annie Award for Best Animation Project.

In the spring of 2015, a short 5-minute animated film "Frozen Fever" was released, featuring characters from the feature film "Frozen". The project manager was Chris Buck along with co-director Jennifer Lee, with whom they worked on the previous project.

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