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Bela B. - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Bela B. - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Bela B. Felsenheimer - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, Actor.

Born December 14, 1962, Berlin, real name Dirk Albert Felsenheimer - German drummer, vocalist, composer, actor.

From a young age he was fond of drums, making his first attempts to master the instrument by playing in the basement of his sister's friends house. Soon, having bought his own installation and signed up to sing in the choir, the young musician, having received the approval of his parents, tripled the rehearsal room at his home.

A little later he entered the police school, and soon after leaving, got a job as a salesman in the famous Hertie supermarket, but after working there for only 2 weeks, he also left this occupation. Dirk subsequently completed a three-year training in window dressing at a fashion house.

The musician chose his stage name based on the names of two celebrities: Bela Lugosi, the actor who played Count Dracula, whom Dirk adored since childhood, and Barney Rubble, the cartoon character of the Flintstones, whose name Dirk was called by his peers at school.

The first serious band for Dirk was Soilent Grun, a member of which he was in 1979-1982, and in which he met Farin Urlaub and Hans Runge. After the breakup of Soilent Grun, Bela, Farin and Hans formed the punk group Die Arzte and in 1983 released their debut mini-album Uns geht's prima .... A year later the group signed a contract with Columbia Records and released their first full-length album, which was named Debil. The group successfully toured and released albums for several years, until the musicians decided to disband the band in 1988. After a long silence and attempts to achieve success with their new bands, in 1993 musicians Bela B. and Farin Urlaub decided to reunite and continue their joint career. For now, Die Arzte are one of the most famous rock bands in Germany, having released a total of 12 numbered studio albums.

After Die Arzte disbanded in 1988, Bela B., together with his friend Rodrigo Gonzalez, soon formed his own band called SUMP, who immediately released an EP "Get Wise, Get Ugly, Get SUMP" containing cover versions of popular songs. Later the group was renamed to Depp Jones. Their debut studio album, Return to Caramba! failed amid Die Arzte's former success. The group's subsequent two releases, "Welcome to Hell" and "At 2012 AD", were also not successful. Farin Urlaub, with his metal band King Kong, was also unsuccessful, and in 1993, old friends Bela and Farin, hiring Depp Jones guitarist Rodrigo Gonzalez to take the bass role, reunited Die Arzte.

In 2006, Bela B. released his first solo album "Bingo", produced by English singer Wayne Jackson and Olsen Involtini. The record brings together many genres such as country, rockabilly, beat and traditional rock music. It should be noted that a special place in the songs is occupied by elements of the beloved White genre - horror, the "traces" of which can be replaced in almost every song. The album features a joint song with country legend Lee Hezlewood, as well as joint compositions with Charlotte Roche and Bela's close friend, the singer Lula. Following the release of the album, Bela began touring solo with his band Bela B. y Los Helmstedt, playing concerts at major festivals such as Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, MTV Campus Invasion and Gurtenfestival.

Bela B.'s next release was her second numbered solo album, Code B., released on October 2, 2009. On the album, even more songs were devoted to horror themes, but there were also country tunes, beat and classic rock and roll.

Bela's third solo album, "Bye", was released on April 4, 2014. The musician recorded this album with his friends: Peta Devlin and the group Smokestack Lightnin '. The album turned out to be strictly sustained in country and rockabilly styles, and reached the 5th line of the German chart. This was followed by a series of concerts in Germany under the banner “Bela B. & Smokestack Lightnin 'Bye-Now! Tour ”, in which Peta Devlin also took part on an ongoing basis as a guitarist and backing vocalist.

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