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Tricky - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Tricky - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Trickey - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

The popular British performer Tricky was born on January 27, 1968 in Bristol, England. Music critics consider him the founder of a new musical genre called trip-hop, but the musician does not agree with this definition. Tricky is generally opposed to being inscribed within any boundaries, but, nevertheless, it is difficult not to notice the musician's unique style of performance - a combination of recitative and cantilena.

Tricky's childhood was difficult. The father left the family almost immediately after his birth, and his mother committed suicide four years later, so the grandmother took custody of the child. In his teenage years, Trickey became a difficult teenager, who at first skipped, and at 15 dropped out of school altogether, was involved in selling drugs and was a member of a criminal gang called Knowle West. Tricky has repeatedly violated the law, but, nevertheless, at the age of 18 he decided to do something else and became interested in hip-hop culture. The musician's musical career began in 1991, when he received an offer to collaborate with the new Blue Lines band and record the song Nothing's Clear. True, due to the increased frequency of conflicts since 1994, their contract was terminated.
Gruvemuvestart Trickey was constantly looking for himself and inspiration for the lyrics of his songs. Fateful for him was a meeting with a girl named Martina. With her support and direct participation in his solo project, the world heard the track Aftermath. After several thousand demo versions of the song were released, Tricky began to gain popularity. Thanks to the role of Tricky in the music world, a direction in music appeared - trip-hop, followed by PORTISHEAD and MASSIVE ATTACK. His first album, Maxinquaye, went gold and ranks first in his career for the number of copies sold.

In addition to music, Tricky acts in films. The most popular were such films with Tricky as Girlfriends, Parabol / Parabola, The Fifth Element. The artist has 11 studio albums, the last one was presented in 2014 under the name Adrian Thaws (the musician's real name).

It is worth noting that Tricky has already given concerts in Ukraine three times. The first time in 2010 at the GogolFest festival, in 2012 and 2014 at the Crystal Hall club. Ticket prices ranged from 400 to 800 UAH.

Tricia has brown eyes, naturally dark hair, dark skin and large lips. The shape of the face is oval, the forehead is high, the hair is curly, thick. Tricky does not change hair color, giving preference to natural. The musician has a large, straight nose and a pointed chin. Tricky sometimes wears glasses, drops a mustache and beard. The actor is 176 cm tall and has tattoos.

Zodiac sign - Aquarius (01/27/1968)

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