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Anton Lirnik - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Anton Lirnik - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Anton Lirnik - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, Writer, Actor, Producer.
Born September 23, 1976 in the Ukrainian city of Kirovograd (now - Kropyvnytskyi). Studied at the Kirovograd Institute of Regional Management and Economics at the Faculty of Journalism. After the disbandment of the faculty, it moved to the Kirovograd State Pedagogical University named after Vinnichenko, at the Faculty of Philology. In parallel with his studies, Anton begins to work at local radio stations (as a presenter) and TV channels (editing director, director, presenter). After successful performances in the faculty team of KVN, Anton becomes an active member of the city KVN teams "SKIF" and "Gulf Stream". As part of these teams, he played in various KVN leagues. In 2001 Anton Lirnik became a member of the KVN team of Kiev "Yabloko" (later - "Alaska"). The national team in 2005 became the champion of the Higher Ukrainian League of KVN, and twice got into the Moscow Higher League of KVN. It is in this team that Anton meets Andrey Molochny, his future colleague on the comedy project "Duet named after Chekhov" .
From 2001 to 2006 Anton works at the Alaska production center, and takes part (as a screenwriter, director and actor) in the creation of several television comedies: "Between the first and the second", "On a white boat", "Happy birthday, Queen" , "PushkEn" .
In the winter of 2006, Anton Lirnik became one of the founders of the Comedy Club Ukraine. In May 2006, the duet of Lirnik and Molochny received the name: "Duet named after Chekhov". Already in June, they begin weekly performances at parties as part of the Comedy Club Ukraine. In April 2007, the Chekhov Duet first appeared on the TNT channel with the number Interview for the position of watchman. Over the next nine years, the duo will show on the air of the Russian and Ukrainian Comedy Club almost half a thousand numbers of their own composition! Gruvemuvestart In the summer of 2008, Anton created the Lirnik Band musical group. In 2012, Anton and the group released their first solo album entitled "Platinum", which included 12 original songs and 2 remixes. In 2014, the first book by Anton Lirnik was published with the title "Three in Thailand, not counting dogs", and the board game "Ours in Thailand" was created based on the plot of Anton's book "Three in Thailand, not counting dogs" .
Anton Lirnik, together with a team of TV presenters, played several seasons in the game “What? Where? When?". In the team, he acted as the captain.
Since 2015, Anton Lirnik has been one of the jury members of the Laughter League comedy show. He was the mentor of the teams "Odessa Mans" and "Trio Different and Leading" in the first season. And the "Foreign theater of absurdity" Sparrows "and" Tyap-lyap "- in the second.
In 2016 Anton launches a unique tourist project "VIP-Guide". He conducts author's excursions to the most tourist cities of Ukraine - Kiev, Odessa, Lviv - as well as to picturesque places around the world. In the spring of 2017, the VIP-guide plans to have fun trips to Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris.
Member of the acting troupe of the play "Man in great demand". Together with Maria Gorban (and now Olga Buzova), Yevgeny Nikishin and Sergei Pisarenko (KVN team "Uyezdny Gorod"), the performance is sold out not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, and even England and Ireland !
Anton is happy in his family life - he has a daughter, Sofia, born in 2009. And, of course, like every successful man, Anton has a beautiful and caring woman behind him. His wife Marina Lirnik runs a family business - she creates clothes for people with a sense of humor under the LIRNIK brand.

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