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Yevgeni Marchelli - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Yevgeni Marchelli - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Evgeniy Marcelli - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.
Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Born May 19, 1957 in the city of Frunze, Kirghiz SSR. Father - Marcelli Joseph Rokkovich - Italian, who emigrated to the USSR in 1930. Myagkikh's mother Zoya Sergeevna is Russian. He graduated from the acting faculty of the Yaroslavl Theater School named after F. Volkov, then the Higher Theater School named after I. B. Shchukin with a degree in drama theater director (1985). In 1985 he was an actor in the Bryansk Youth Theater. In the same year, at the theater in Sovetsk, he staged the graduation performance "The Island" by E. Akopov and was appointed director. In 1991 Evgeny Marcelli became the chief director of the theater. In the same year, his author's play "In a white corolla of roses ..." was released, and was shown in Sevastopol at the "Chersonesos Games-92" festival, about which then the theater critic Evgenia Rozanova wrote in the magazine "Contemporary Drama": "... The work of Evgeny Marcelli and his colleagues a revelation of the younger generation, a kind of spiritual striptease, in which the game is a way of life, a special type of behavior and state of a person living at the limit of his strength. " In October 1993, the theater celebrates the centenary of the Tilsit stage. The holiday opened with the premiere of the play "Fight of the Butterflies" - the first production by Hermann Sudermann in post-revolutionary Russia. Yevgeny Marcelli's new work, as always unconventional, immediately caused a surge of emotional disputes and interpretations in the press, and later at theater festivals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. “Souls, humiliated and suffering, were hiding under masks. The effect of combining "calligraphy" and eternal themes, sentimental poetics, exciting content turned out to be unexpectedly strong. Laughing, we look into hell, where butterflies, worms, grasshoppers live. E. Marcelli and his wonderful troupe dismantle the car or observe the customs of insects, or unravel dreams, and art suddenly arises from this, "wrote the famous critic Elena Gorfunkel in the St. Petersburg edition of" Intermission ". And the theater critic and friend of the theater from Kaliningrad Igor Savostin wrote the following words about Tilsit-Theater on the pages of the newspaper "Screen and Scene" in the article "There is a Time": “Spectators who have preserved their spontaneity and responsiveness cry and laugh at the performances of the Tilsit-Theater. Because Marcelli puts on plays about our whole life. More precisely, about all of Life. Besides politics. And you, dear spectators, have come to the theater, which is counting on our sincerity. The performances of the Tilsit Theater reveal to us the necessity, impossibility and cost of knowing love. " At the International Festival. F. Volkov in Yaroslavl 2003. Tilsit-Theater was awarded the F. Volkov Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation for the contribution to the development of theatrical art. They write about Marcelli as a “unique phenomenon,” he is called the “Master”, “the king of the Soviet avant-garde,” an artist who breaks stereotypes. In February 2003, Evgeny Marcelli received the high title of Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation. He was named "Best Director of the Russian Theater Province 2005". In 2006 E. Marcelli became the owner of the most prestigious National Golden Mask Award. The famous theater critic Irina Kholmogorova in her article "Memories of the Future" in the "Theater" magazine spoke about Tilsit-Theater: "Theater Marcelli is a theater that is fundamentally not dealing with what is called the serious word 'problem'. This theater is defiantly apolitical, asocial, alien to any edification. A theater run by one of the best directors in the country, a viable troupe, performances of artistic value. ... Teatro Marcelli is an author's theater, often based not on classical texts, but on free improvisations, almost always playing the same performance - about a woman and death, about the jubilant urgency of the former despite the latter. A theater that shows us the world like a continuous caravan, in the deepest sense of the word, in which it is part of Fellini's - yes, yes! - models of the world ".
Work in other theaters: In 1996 and 2000. - production director at the Academic Theater. E. Vakhtangov in Moscow. 1998-1999 - Chief director of the Drama Theater in Kaliningrad. From November 2003 to the present - the chief director of two theaters at once - the Tilsit Theater (Sovetsk) and the Omsk Drama Theater.

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