Oleg Yemtsev - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography (Read)

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Oleg Yemtsev - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Oleg Yemtsev - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Oleg Emtsev - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Oleg Pavlovich Emtsev was born in Melitopol. As a child, he decided to become an artist and from the age of 13 he began to learn acting in the drama team of his hometown. Having settled in Odessa, young Oleg Yemtsev continued his studies at the circus studio. After that, he entered and successfully graduated from the Theater and Technical School in Odessa.

Oleg Yemtsev began his acting career in 1969. His first place of work was the Odessa Circus, where he played in reprises with clowns. But having performed for the first time with his own number, he was invited to tour. His mime talent was highly appreciated by Soviet critics, and he traveled all over the Soviet Union with his performances as part of the Odessa Regional Philharmonic.

In 1971, the first film with Oleg Yemtsev, Long Farewell, was released in cinemas, in which he played a superb mime. In 1977, the comedian starred in the film Timur and his team. But the film career did not particularly attract the artist, and he devoted himself entirely to the circus. Since 1992, he has taken part in the famous project The Mask Show. He devoted the next seven years to this popular series. During the same period, Oleg Yemtsev came to Paris, where he met the world famous mime Marcel Marceau and adopted his experience. Once the artist interpreted several novels by a French master, and the master was very pleased with the excellent performance of his Ukrainian colleague. Also in Paris, Oleg Yemtsev attended the International School of Pantomime. For another year he lived in New York, where he successfully performed in various shows. From 2000 until the end of my life, the artist lived simultaneously in two cities of Krakow and Odessa. In Poland, the artist organized his own small theater "On suitcases", in which he performed for the next seven years.

In 2007, after an eight-year hiatus, new films with the participation of Oleg Yemtsev appeared in the box office: Liquidation, in which he played a card sharper, and the Gentleman of the investigation, Ivan Podushkin 2.

The last years of his life, Oleg Yemtsev fought against cancer, but could not defeat the disease. The famous mime passed away on August 3, 2011. The artist was buried in Odessa at the Tairovsky cemetery.

Oleg Yemtsev has green eyes, naturally blond hair color, fair skin and medium lips. The shape of the face is oval, the forehead is medium, the hair is straight, thick. Oleg Yemtsev did not change his hair color, giving preference to natural. The actor has a large, straight nose and a rectangular chin. The actor's height is 175 cm, no tattoos.

Zodiac sign - Cancer (24.06.1951)

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