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Marina Ladynina - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Marina Ladynina - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Marina Ladynina - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Marina Ladynina made her way from a school teacher to the megastar of Soviet cinema in a few years, although she had to choose between the glory of a theatrical actress and the fate of Cinderella in cinema. The role of the prince was played by Ivan Pyriev himself.

Born in the Russian hinterland - a small village with an unassuming name Skotinino in an ordinary peasant family - Marina Ladynina ascended to the Olympus of fame, but was not spoiled by her. She played her first roles in the school theater, then on the stage of the Achinsk Drama Theater. Having gone in the direction of the Komsomol committee to enter the capital's university at the faculty of social sciences, without thinking twice and not at all tormented by remorse, I applied to GITIS. Fate immediately made it known that Marina Alekseevna did the right thing, she was credited with the mark “especially gifted”.

She appeared on the stage of the famous Moscow Art Theater, being only a second year student at the institute. At the same time she first appeared on the big screen in the detective You Can't Enter the City (1929). And already in the next picture, the drama Prosperity (1932), she was remembered by the audience as a flower girl.

Until 1935, while she was studying at the institute, then worked for the first few years after graduating from GITIS at the Moscow Art Theater, she was rather cool about her film career. However, starting with the tape of the Enemy Paths (1935), and then the painting Zastava at Devil's Ford (1936), more and more gave himself up to art, which was the most important for the young country of the Soviets.

During this period, he meets the love of his life, her future husband - director Ivan Pyriev. Disgraced, because of an affair with an Italian, Ladynina was then under the hood of the NKVD, and in order to remove her in their first joint film Rich Bride (1937), Pyryev received permission at the Lubyanka.

This was the first star film starring Marina Ladynina, directed by Ivan Pyryev, followed by Tractor Drivers (1939), Favorite Girl (1940) and the famous musical comedy Pig and Shepherd (1941).

Marina Ladynina also performed the main roles in the military melodrama At six o'clock in the evening after the war (1944), the musical film The Legend of the Siberian Land (1947). A new role for herself - an accomplished woman, collective farm chairman Galina Peresvetova - Ladynina tried on in the musical comedy Kuban Cossacks (1949). The last film of the creative duet Ladynin-Pyryev was the melodrama Test of Loyalty (1954). Divorce in life put a fat point in the actress's film career.

She is the owner of many awards, orders and medals, including five Stalin Prizes, has the title of People's Artist of the USSR (1950).

Was married twice. The first husband is actor Ivan Lyubeznov, the second is director Ivan Pyryev, from whom she gave birth to a son, Andrei.

She died on March 10, 2003.

Marina Ladynina has blue eyes, naturally light hair color, fair skin and medium lips. The shape of the face is triangular, the forehead is medium, the hair is curly, soft. Marina Ladynina did not change her hair color, preferring natural. The actress has a medium straight nose and an oval chin. The growth of the actress is 159 cm, no tattoos.

Zodiac sign - Cancer (24.06.1908)

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