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Olesya Rulin - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Olesya Rulin - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Olesya Rulin - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Olesya Rulin is an unusual young actress with a gorgeous Slavic appearance. She was born in Russia in the huge city of Moscow, and the childhood of a young talent passed in the city of Likhoslavl. As a little girl, she already tried to express herself creatively in everything, Olesya studied ballet professionally and made great strides in this area. It was at one of the ballet performances that the actress was noticed by representatives of a well-known modeling agency, who were just looking for new faces. This was the prerequisite for an acting career.

Back in the 90s, her father left for the United States of America, the actress temporarily stayed in Russia with her brother and mother. A few years later, when the girl was eight years old, the family changed their place of residence and moved to her father. Her family began to live in Texas, then moved to Utah. The actress received her higher education in one of the higher educational institutions of the United States - Westminster College, her specialty was by no means creative. Olesya chose the profession of a marketing specialist with a related psychological education. After studying, the girl worked as a nurse for about a year. She also worked part-time in several large stores. One of them is the famous Victoria Secret boutique.

The first film with Olesya Rulin was filmed in 2001, it was called Transition Point. The actress was then only fifteen years old, she played the smart girl Annie. Her debut was successful, after which the actress was made several proposals at once. In 2001, she starred in the film Hunted. This was followed by several filming in television series. But the greatest popularity came after the release of the musical film High School Musical. After him, she became an idol for millions of teenagers. Actors such as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudjens played with Olesya on the same stage.

Watching films with Olesya Rulin is always easy and pleasant. After the overwhelming success of the first part of the film, she was invited to star in two more - High School Musical: Vacation and High School Musical: Prom. Her character was named Kelsey Nielsen. Then the actress starred in more than 10 films and television series. Today Rulin is one of the most sought-after young Hollywood stars.

Olesya Rulin has blue eyes, naturally blond hair color, fair skin and full lips. The shape of the face is oval, the forehead is high, the hair is straight, thick. Olesya Rulin does not change her hair color, preferring natural hair. The actress has a small, straight nose and a rounded chin. The growth of the actress is 152 cm, no tattoos.

Zodiac sign - Pisces (03/17/1986)

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