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Paolo Sorrentino - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Paolo Sorrentino - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Paolo Sorrentino - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.
Born May 31, 1970.
Italian film director and screenwriter. Liberated movement of the camera, reminiscent of a dance rather than the pseudo-reportage, so beloved by modern cinema. Music, not sounding, but bursting into the film. And an almost naive belief that the screen is still capable of evoking vivid emotions. Paolo Sorrentino shoots as if cinema had recently been invented: with the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of a neophyte or a child who has just begun to discover the richness and possibilities of the cinema language. Editing, changing camera angles, sound, light, color ... In his paintings, phantasmagoria, irony and love of theatrical convention, inherited from his great predecessor Federico Fellini, are combined with extreme drama, often referring to the films of Martin Scorsese. At the same time, Sorrentino is not only a great stylist. All of his characters are endowed with emotional and psychological depth.
He made his film debut as a screenwriter for the short film "Un paradiso" (1994) and the comedy "Polvere di Napoli" (1998). As a director he made a short film "L'amore non ha confini" in the same year. In 2001, Sorrentino directed his first full-length film, L'uomo in piu / One Man Up, and his third short film, La notte lunga. The tragicomedy "The Superfluous Man" (2001) did not become a revelation in European cinema, but was successfully held at the box office. For his film debut, Paolo Sorrentino was awarded the Nastro D'Argento / Silver Ribbon Award. This film began the collaboration between director and actor Tony Servillo.
Paolo Sorrentino achieved worldwide recognition in 2004 for his elegant thriller "The Consequences of Love" / Le conseguenze dell'amore, a stylish and captivating story about a failed businessman who becomes a pawn in the hands of the mafia. The premiere of the film took place as part of the competition program of the Cannes Film Festival; subsequently, the film received international recognition.
The film received many awards and nominations, including a Palme d'Or nomination (Palme d'Or, 2004).
Sorrentino's next film was the drama "Family Friend" / The Family Friend / L'amico di famiglia (2006), a story about the life and sins of the modern "Gobsek", obsessed with the desire to seduce the daughter of one of his clients. The film also earned the director a Palme d'Or nomination in 2006. In the same year, Sorrentino made his debut as an actor, playing a cameo role in the film Il caimano by Italian director Nanni Moretti.
In 2008, the biographical drama Il divo was released, about the legendary Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, who had a brilliant career as a politician, but in the late 90s was accused of having links with the mafia. The film won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize (2008) and the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay (Paolo Sorrentino). It is noteworthy that after the release of this film in the American cinemas, the leading American newsreel Variety published an article about Sorrentino, entitled it nothing less than "Five reasons why Paolo Sorrentino will save world cinema." The painting was nominated for an Oscar in the Outstanding Work of a Makeup Artist category.
In 2011, the director directed the first English-language film, This Must Be the Place, starring Sean Penn. The hero of the picture is a rock idol (played by Sean Penn), who is bored with a quiet life and fame, so he embarks on a search for the killer of his father, a Nazi criminal who fled to the United States. The film was screened at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, was nominated for the Palme d'Or prize and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury.
Paolo Sorrentino prefers to work with a permanent film team: producers Francesca Cima and Nicola Giuliano, actor Toni Servillo, actress Manuela Lamanna, actor Giorgio Colangeli, actress (Anna Bonaiuto) and others.

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