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Aleksei Inzhevatov - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Aleksei Inzhevatov - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Alexey Inzhevatov - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.

Alexey Inzhevatov comes from the “city of brides” Ivanovo. The post-war life of a provincial town differed little from the life of the country as a whole. The hard work of rebuilding the country was brightened up by such small joys as, for example, cinema or theater. Once a neighbor's friend offered little Alyosha to go and see a children's play. There were no tickets, and a friend's dad, who worked there as a property manager, led the boys through the service entrance. So, little Alexei first got behind the scenes. And I saw another life.

It is difficult to say whether the cultural trip influenced the fate of our hero. He grew up like everyone else. He studied at school, went in for sports. But when a studio opened at the local drama theater, young Alexei signed up for it. And already at the age of 16 he became a full member of the theater troupe, at the same time receiving an education at an evening school. And he got his certificate on tour. For a long time, he then explained to the entrance commission of VGIK why the Ivanovo youth had a certificate of education in Russian and Belarusian.

The course in which Inzhevatov studied became famous for the fact that during his studies three curators were replaced: M. Romm, L. Sverdlin and V. Belokurov. And all three masters brought a piece of their talent to each of the graduates. But the main event during his studies was a meeting with fellow student Natalya Rychagova, who became his second half for life.

And then, Alexei will serve in the army. True, for him, service was work in the theater of the Soviet army. But there he immediately took a liking to the chief executive A. Popov and remained to serve faithfully this theater for many years. In the cinema, Alexei Inzhevatov first appeared while still a student, playing the role of a partisan in the television movie Calling Fire on Ourselves. And later films with his participation often appeared on the screen. The most famous of them are About friends-comrades, Mortal enemy, Long miles of war, Soar, falcons, eagles! But, of course, our hero is better known as a theater actor. The roles of Alexei Inzhevatov in his native theater are probably remembered by the audience who visited the theater of the Soviet Army, where this artist worked for more than forty years.

Besides theater and cinema, Inzhevatov is known as a master of dubbing. It will take more than one page to list all the actors whose voice he speaks. Moreover, both foreign and domestic. From Alain Delon to Antonio Banderas. Alexei Nikolaevich Inzhevatov was such a versatile artist.

January 2006 brought trouble to the acting family - after a serious illness their only daughter Masha passed away. This blow severely crippled the health of Alexei Nikolaevich. Of course, to the best of his strength, he continued to work, since their grandson was dependent on them, but due to leg illness it was very difficult to move. The remarkable artist passed away on September 7, 2010. But films with the participation of Alexei Inzhevatov periodically appear on television screens, and you can find and watch them on the Internet.

Alexei Inzhevatov has gray eyes, naturally blond hair color, fair skin and thin lips. The shape of the face is oval, the forehead is low, the hair is curly, thick. Alexey Inzhevatov did not change his hair color, preferring natural hair. The actor has a medium wide nose and a rounded chin. Sometimes he let go of his mustache.

Zodiac Sign - Aquarius (01.24.1946)

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