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ADO - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

ADO - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

ADO - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, Music group.

The popular folk-rock group Ado was formed in a small town near Moscow with the unremarkable name Kolomna. The date of the "birth" of the group can be considered 1988, when several guys, under the clear guidance of the leader of the group Andrei Gorokhov, first gathered in their home studio and tried to record several songs. Very soon, the musically gifted students of the famous "Baumanka" will become popular not only throughout Russia, but also abroad, and such hits as "I would like to die in my sleep" and "Passenger", included in the list of compositions of the first album of the group, will contribute to this "Night Soup" (1988 - 1989).

In 1991 the Melodiya music studio will record the once sensational album Stop Me, Night, and then Ado will finally gain a foothold on the musical Olympus. A few years later, Andrei Gorokhov will somewhat change the composition of the group, thus giving it a new life and a completely new sound! The group, following the fashionable musical trends, transformed from "acoustic" to "electric". And among its new members we see Andrei Gorokhov himself - vocalist and guitarist; second vocalist and keyboard player Yuri Smolyakov; solo guitarist Oleg Zaripov; as well as drummer Igor Ivankovich. It is in this composition that Ado is positioning itself today, gathering crowds of fans in concert halls.

Already at the end of the 90s. the leader of the group goes abroad, and subsequent hits are recorded sporadically, according to his infrequent visits to Russia. And only in 2007 the world will see the new album of the group "Ursus".

Generally speaking, the albumography of Ado's group has nine albums, including the last one released quite recently, namely in 2013: 1988 - 1989. - "Night Soup"; 1990 - "Stop Me, Night"; 1992 - Golden Nuts; 1994 - "Shards"; 1996 - "Behave Yourself"; 1998 - "Alphabet"; 2000 - “The Pope smokes Belomor”; 2007 - "Ursus"; 2013 - "Eskimo".

Ado 2015 is, first of all, a mixture of melodic rock music and vivid figurative lyrics, and the group's loyal fans have marked her work as “the kindest rock in the world”. The most hit songs performed by the group are "Passenger", "Behave yourself" and "When you are alone". But how many years Ado will still remain on the crest of popularity depends only on the listeners. It is noteworthy that the musical career of the folk-rock group continues now, which means that it is likely that Ado's fans will very soon be lucky in the form of a new album!

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