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Alexander Borisov - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Alexander Borisov - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Alexander Borisov - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips.
Born April 18 (May 1) 1905 in St. Petersburg in a working class family. Participated in amateur performances. In 1927, after graduating from the studio at the Leningrad Academic Drama Theater (he studied with Yu.M. Yuriev), he was admitted to the studio theater, in 1928 to the main troupe of the theater.
In 1930 he played his first major role - the engineer Boris Volgin ("The Eccentric" by A. N. Afinogenov), creating the image of a cheerful, purposeful person. Already in this role, the great talent of the young actor, his spontaneity, emotionality, was determined. The truthful, life-affirming image of Volgin - the initiator of the "first brigade of production enthusiasts" - opened the gallery of modern heroes created by Borisov. The artist convincingly revealed the heroism, fortitude, spiritual beauty, modesty, and ideological spirit of the Soviet man. Extreme clarity and simplicity was noted for Borisov's performance of the role of the fighter Stepan ("Winners" by BF Chirskov, 1946). Borisov introduced humor, mischievous cunning, and great life wisdom into this image. The actor's ability to reveal romance and heroism in simple everyday events was clearly manifested in the image of Pavel Korchagin (“How the Steel Was Tempered” by NA Ostrovsky, 1947). Borisov's image of the party worker Chekanov is multifaceted, full-blooded ("The High Wave" by G. Ye. Nikolaeva and S. A. Radzinsky, 1952). Borisov showed the wisdom, simplicity, genuine democracy of the Soviet state party leader in the stage image of MI Kalinin ("Life in Bloom" by AP Dovzhenko, 1947). The actor's charming images of Semyon Kotko ("A soldier was walking from the front" by V. P. Kataev, 1938), Kotov ("On the Bank of the Neva" by K. A. Trenev, 1937), Rekalo ("For those at sea" by B. A. Lavreneva, 1946). Belief in human dignity, moral purity, and spirituality permeate the images created by Borisov in the plays of Russian classics: Meluzov ("Talents and Admirers" by A. N. Ostrovsky, 1943), Gavrila ("Ardent Heart" by A. N. Ostrovsky, 1951).
In the role of Arkashka Schastlivtsev ("The Forest" by A. N. Ostrovsky, 1948) Borisov, while not giving up comedic colors, at the same time shows the powerlessness, loneliness of a small person humiliated by life. The image of Kiselnikov created by Borisov (“The Abyss” by A. N. Ostrovsky, 1955) is marked by great tragic force, deep comprehension of the social essence of character. In the roles of the Pretender ("Boris Godunov" by A. Pushkin, 1935), Tsarevich Fyodor ("The Great Sovereign" by V. A. Solovyov, 1945), Krivokhatsky ("One Night" by B. L. Gorbatov, 1956) Borisov showed himself as a character actor.
During the Great Patriotic War, Alexander Borisov and the actor of the Pushkin Theater, K.I.Adashevsky, created on the radio images of the cheerful intelligence fighters Kozma Veterkov and Ilya Shmelkov. Shows featuring these characters, called "Fire at the Enemy", gained wide popularity.
Since 1937, Alexander Borisov began acting in films: Pavlov ("Academician Ivan Pavlov"), Mussorgsky ("Mussorgsky"), Rybkin ("Alexander Popov"). Gruvemuvestart AF Borisov died on May 19, 1982, (according to other sources - May 12). He was buried in Leningrad at Literatorskie mostki of the Volkovsky cemetery. In 1987, a tombstone was installed on the grave of A.F. Borisov - a granite column with a bronze bust (sculptor M.T.Litovchenko, architect S.L. Mikhailov).

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