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John Romita Sr. - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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John Romita Sr. - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Johnny Romita - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, Writer.
Born January 24, 1930 - American screenwriter, comic book artist.
Romita graduated from the Manhattan School of Industrial Art in 1947. John's teachers included book illustrator Howard Simon and magazine illustrator Ben Clements .
After working for the Forbes Lithograph (where he made $ 30 a week), John tripled his ghost graphic work for comic contouring artist Lester Zakarin, who paid John about $ 20 per page. In 1949, Romita began work as a comic book artist at Timley Comics (where he met Stan Lee). John's first work was a comic strip in the Famous Funnies series .
In 1951, John went to serve in the United States Army. There John Romita began to paint posters and posters. Eight months later, he was promoted to corporal and allowed to live outside the base. In the mid-1950s John continued to work for Atlas Comics (formerly Timley Comics) and DC Comics. His first notable work for DC was a series of popular romantic comics. In addition to this for DC, he also drew many horror stories and war comics. The first work of John Romita at Marvel was The Avengers # 23 (December 1965). Then Romita worked on issues # 12-20 (1966, January - September) of the Daredevil series. And then John became a regular artist for The Amazing Spider-Man series, replacing Jack Kirby and starting with issue # 39 (1966, August) .
Romita created the appearance for Mary Jane Watson, based on the image of the actress Anne-Margaret from the movie "Bye, Birdie" (red hair, green eyes, fair skin color, general facial features, and short tight skirts) .
During the creative collaboration of John Romita with Stan Lee, several more key characters in the Spider-Man comics were created, debuting in the series "The Amazing Spider-Man" .
In 1972 Romita became the art director of the Marvel company .
In the summer of 1973, Jerry Conway's influential story arc, The Night Gwen Stacy Died, was released and illustrated by John Romita Sr. and Gil Kane. The events of this plot unfold in issues # 121-122 of the comic The Amazing Spider-Man.
In 1976, the Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man is the first crossover to feature both DC and Marvel characters. The comic book was written by Jerry Conway, and the artists - John Romita Sr., Andrew Ross, Neil Adams.
In December 2003, the anniversary issue (# 500) of The Amazing Spider-Man comic was released, which included the third (and final) part of the Happy Birthday storyline. The comic artists are John Romita Sr. and his son John Romita Jr. The comic was also released in Russia, in the magazine "New Adventures of Spider-Man" # 29 published by "KOMIKS" .
Released in 2007, the Marvel Super Heroes series of color commemorative stamps features 10 comic book covers and 10 character portraits. Among them are two stamps representing the superheroes Spider-Man and the Hulk (with Rich Buckler) painted by John Romita. He is a member of A Commitment to Our Roots, the first government-recognized nonprofit organization helping the comics industry.

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