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Aamir Khan - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Aamir Khan - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Aamir Khan - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, Actor, Producer, Director, Writer.

Born March 14, 1965, Mumbai, India - Indian actor, producer, director, screenwriter and TV host.

The first two classes Aamir studied at JB Petit School, then transferred to St. Anne's, and finished the last two classes at the Scottish School of Bombay. During his school days, he was more interested in sports than studies, and played tennis at national championships. After high school, he entered the Narsi Mongi College of Economics and Commerce. Around this time, Aamir joined the theater group Avantar and, after working behind the scenes for a year and a half, made his debut at Prithvi Theater in the Gujarati play Kesar Bina. He stopped attending college after completing the standard twelve grade general education program (Standard 12).

Aamir's creative career began in 1973, when he starred in his uncle's film Find Each Other as a young Ratan. Aamir also starred in several films directed by his cousin Mansour Khan.

In 1985, Aamir played in the film of his friend Ashutosh Govariker - Holi (1985). But Aamir himself considers 1988 and "The Verdict" to be the real beginning of his acting career. Amir's uncle Nasir Hussein became the scriptwriter and producer. A film about contemporary Indian Romeo and Juliet has become a real event in Indian cinema. The film won eight Filmfare Awards and a National Film Award for Best Featured Film. Aamir Khan won the Best Male Debut award and his partner Juhi Chawla received the New Face category. Later, Indiatimes Movies included the picture as one of the "25 Bollywood Movies Must-See".

The Khan and Juhi Chawla tandem has become one of the most successful in Bollywood. Together, the actors starred in 7 films.

In 1993, Aamir, together with Robin Bhatt, wrote the script for the film Towards Love (1993). The film was produced by Aamir's parents. And, of course, the actor offered the main female role to Juhi. According to the plot, the hero of Khan Rahul Malhotra is a college student who unexpectedly becomes the guardian of three children of his sister and her husband who died in a car accident. In addition, Rahul gets their crumbling garment business. Vaijanti Ayer (Chawla), a rich girl who ran away from home, helps him to cope with obstinate children. The film became the sensation of the year and received five awards from the Filmfare Awards (it was nominated for nine). Among them is the prize for "best film of the year".

Aamir Khan's career was on the upward trend. This was followed by such successful projects as "I Want to Marry the Daughter of a Millionaire" (1994), "Veselchak" (1995), "Different Fates" (1995), "Unruly Fate" (1998), "Malice" (1999) and "Rebellious soul "(1999). Although the film "I Want to Marry the Daughter of a Millionaire", in which Aamir played with another famous actor Salman Khan, was received rather coolly by critics, the audience fell in love with him. And years later, the picture acquired the status of a cult.

The beginning of the two thousandth for the actor was marked by the release of two successful films: “Loving Hearts” (2001) and “Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India” (2001). The latter became a turning point in the life of the actor. Firstly, for the first time he acted not only as an actor, but also as a producer of a picture. To do this, he, together with his then wife Rina Dutta, created his own production company, Aamir Khan Productions. Although earlier Aamir categorically refused to produce, knowing from his father's example how hard and thankless work it is. But he betrayed his principles for the sake of his friend Ashutosh Govariker, who wrote the script for "Lagaan" and became its director. And he was right. The film has won eight National Film Awards, nine Filmfare Awards, nine Screen Awards and ten IIFA Awards. Also "Lagaan" was nominated for the prestigious American film award "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Language Film", but failed to win.

The huge success of Khan's producer debut was blocked by disappointing news for the actor - a divorce from his wife Rina Dutta, with whom they lived together for 16 years (1986-2002). The reasons for the breakup of the ex-wife were not announced. This event influenced Aamir so much that he left the cinema and stopped appearing in public. The return of the actor only happened in 2005 with the film Uprising. The picture tells about Mangal Pandey, who started an army revolt and, as a result, the first Indian war of independence. Aamir's second creative period is characterized only by successful projects. In 2006, the actor played a young rebel in Saffron Blossom, followed by Blind Love, in which Khan shared the set with the famous Kajol. By the way, this film was the first for the actress after a five-year hiatus.

After that, the time came for Aamir's directorial debut - the picture "Stars on the Earth". In this film, he acted both as a leading role and as a producer. The picture told about a boy with dyslexia and about the imperfection of the educational system. The film caused a real resonance and grabbed many awards in its piggy bank. She was even nominated for the Oscar, but she was not shortlisted.

This was followed by the equally successful Gajini (2008), 3 Idiots (2009), The Mumbai Diaries (2010) and The Truth Is Somewhere Nearby (2012). The film Three Idiots, in which Aamir played the role of a student at Rancho Chanchad, became the highest grossing film in Bollywood history and retained that title for 4 years. And "The Mumbai Diaries" was the directorial debut of Aamir's second wife Kiran Rao.

In 2013, Aamir played a double role in the film Bikers 3. According to him, this role was the most difficult in his career. The film was a commercial success at the box office and became the highest grossing film in India, breaking the record for the Chennai Express released four months earlier.

A year later, the satirical comedy "Pikey" was released in which he played an alien trying to understand earthly religions. This picture, like the previous film, became a box-office record holder and held this title for two years, until the release of Aamir's next film "Dangal", where he played a former professional wrestler who begins to train his daughters. The film received critical acclaim and earned the actor his third Filmfare Award for Best Actor.

In 2017, the Secret Superstar movie was released, where he played a supporting role. Its hero is a famous composer who helps an aspiring singer to succeed. The film, like all its previous ones, was a commercial success.

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