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Jenna Haze - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

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Jenna Haze - Biography, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Filmography

Jenna Hayes - biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips, Actress, Director, Producer.
Born February 26, 1982, Fullerton, California, USA - American pornographic actress and porn director.
She has two older sisters and an older brother. Jenna is of Spanish, German and Irish descent. Until the age of 15, Jenna Hayes received very good grades, but then, according to her, she "discovered boys and sex." I had to leave school and, having switched to home schooling, find my first job. After changing several low-paying jobs (such as a restaurant manager, butter changer, merchandiser at a toy store), at 18, she decided to try herself as a stripper. But Jennifer did not stay in striptease for a long time - she did not like to dance private dances to men and pretend that she liked them for a relatively small salary. At the age of 19, while relaxing in one of his favorite nightclubs, the guy of the future porn star introduces her to a friend who, in turn, is familiar with the porn actor Peter North, as well as the actor and director Craven Moorhead. Jenna happily agrees to Moorehead's offer to try her hand at porn, and two days later she is filming her first pornographic scene. Jenna Hayes chose a pseudonym in honor of the then-boy who had the surname Hayes, as well as in honor of her favorite Jimi Hendrix song "Purple Haze". Gruvemuvestart Jenna Hayes's first scene was in The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 8 with her agent Slim Shady (Dez) and his friend, Craven Moorehead himself. It was planned to shoot only oral sex, but in the heat of the moment, the passionate debutante had sex with two at once. The very next day she starred with Miles Long in Joey Silvera's Service Animals 4. A few months later, the promising actress realized that she did not need an agent and began to represent her interests herself. On the set of The Taste of a Woman, Jenna Hayes meets Dope keyboardist Simon Dope and meets him for just over a month, accompanying the group on tour. In February 2002, the actress starred in a video for Jill Kelly Productions (JKP), directed by Jill Kelly herself. Jill was very impressed with the talent of the rising porn star, and therefore offered her an exclusive contract that surpassed the proposals of other companies, in April 2002 the contract was already signed. According to her, the decisive role was played not so much by the financial component of the issue, but by the fact that she will work for a company headed by a woman, who is also an acting pornographic actress. Jill Kelly Productions has become for Hayes not only work, but also a family. Soon after signing the contract, Jenna started a serious romance with the operator of the company and agreed not to act in scenes with men and to work only in the genre of lesbian porn for him, after which about 120 films followed, such as Jenna's Harem. However, Jenna leaves JKP in April 2005 and becomes a free agent. This is largely due to the departure from the company of Jill Kelly herself, but she was also not satisfied with the fact that she did not receive the royalties due to her under the contract from the sale of films with her participation and registered sex toys "Jenna Haze". Around this time, Jenna Hayes breaks up with her boyfriend. And to the delight of his fans, he returns to scenes with men. "Now I want to do real porn. What I've been doing for JKP for three years is shit." - said the porn actress. Jenna's first partner after a three-year "hiatus" and at the same time her first experience in interracial porn was the black actor Mr. Marcus in the film Jenna Haze Darkside. The film was directed and produced by her new boyfriend, Jules Jordan.
A year later, Jenna Hayes begins writing a sex-advice column for Fox magazine, and also returns to striptease where she receives many awards. In 2012 she starred in the music video for The Pretty Reckless for the song "My Medicine" .
As of 2013, Jenna Hayes starred in 567 porn films and directed 15 porno tapes. In 2014, she starred in The Pretty Reckless's music video for the song "Messed Up World" ("Fucked Up World").

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